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In this porn comic Curiosity Palcomix we can see how a coach is playing with her favorite digimon and suddenly a portal comes out of nowhere and absorbs them both.

When they pass to the other side of the portal they were alone and they did not know where they were, it was like a kind of erotic dream, the digimon saw a coach who told him that he wanted to fuck her with her plastic cocks and the coach saw a digimon that He said he wanted to fuck her with his cock that came out of her pussy and was plastic too.

But this seemed strange to both the coach and the digimon and they said no to their respective dreams, but those were not dreams and were parallel realities that wanted to fuck hard with them, so they were forced to fuck with them and the digimon They put a huge plastic cock in her tight pussy, hurting her and the digimon was screaming in pain and pleasure at the same time.

However, the coach had her gagged and they were putting huge plastic cocks through her tight ass doing her a lot of damage and the coach was screaming in pain and pleasure at the same time.

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