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In a new Empathic Impasse story created by Incognitymous, we will tell the adventures of Raven, a magician with incredible powers to end villains. Although this time he is relaxing in his room while meditating. While pronouncing some strange words that nobody understands, but that his partner is not worried about it. Beast Boy was just below her, while waiting patiently to fuck her tight pussy, he touched her vagina with her fingers. She clarifies that she prefers to be at peace when she meditates, but suddenly she puts her fingers in her pussy and so much pleasure she blushes. Beast Boy knew what she wanted, since she never asked him to leave and that Raven loved it.

He began to massage her tits and she was increasingly uncomfortable, although she really loves it. With his powers I knock him away, he was too hot to keep holding on. Raven lay on the bed and gave him permission to do what he wanted. Beast Boy pounced like an animal towards her tits and began to suck them gently. He knew she was as impatient as he was to put his whole cock and fuck her at once. When he had finished cumming in her pussy, Raven used his powers to lure him into her ass and start sucking him. He loved that kind of games and would not resist trying something like that. Once Raven was satisfied, she fell tired in bed and pushed her away with her powers.

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