First Dates – Zillionaire



First Dates is one of those Zillionaire porn comics and parodies set in the Teen Titans series in which Beast Boy and Raven are having a very hot date lately. After a few days, they had an appointment again at a pizza restaurant while Raven was a little ashamed of what they were doing. Beast boy with a cocky face because she agreed to go with him to that stupid date.

Raven wasn’t going to eat that shit of vegan food, she loved meat, although I don’t specify what kind. As you slowly went down to pick up the phone, suddenly, he began to suck the huge beast boy’s cock while he made very strange faces to the people who passed by. A while later, when they had finished having their time of conversion, beast boy laughed at her for having tried a very special type of meat.

She was very angry and embarrassed at the same time, but she couldn’t resist the temptation of everything that would happen next. A few days later, they were both at the cinema, enjoying a good movie. Raven made it very clear that the other day would not happen again and that they would only watch the movie. Although she fooled herself, after a while she started looking for her cell phone, until suddenly she got on top of Beast Boy.

A few meters further were his friends, Starfire and Robin who were listening to everything that was happening in the seats. Raven was enjoying her boyfriend’s huge cock, which was fucking her, while her pussy kept running again and again. She was very satisfied, but when she left the cinema she could not look anywhere, she was very ashamed.

Another day at the beach, beast boy was rubbing some cream on Raven’s back. Everything ended so badly that when he saw her narrow ass, he could not resist the temptation to fuck her while all the people were watching what they were doing.

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