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Glory Haunt is an Incognitymous comic and one of Danny Phantom’s porn parodies. This time we met Maddie, a dreamer with very strange powers and the ability to hunt ghosts. She is inspecting public services, looking for something not right. On the other side of the wall is Danny Phantom, hiding from her after Tucker convinced him to do what was about to happen. Maddie was very nervous, seeing that hole in the wall, could not take the idea of ​​the head to suck what came out there. Danny got confused with her signal and ended up pulling his cock inside the hole, while she began to suck it.

Maddie was very hot at the time and began to massage her tits and her tight pussy. At the same time, Danny was enjoying that blowjob Maddie was doing, he was almost ready to cum. She already noticed how her mouth was filling with Danny’s semen, but she was a little sad about the speed of the run. Maddie changed her mind when her mouth was completely filled with Danny’s semen load. He was delighted with the blowjob Maddie had given him, although she with his powers attracted him to see who he really was.

When he realized that he was a close acquaintance she gave him a good scolding. Maddie realized that his cock was still very hard and not to waste that moment he had another idea. With his ghostly energy absorbing suit, he removed his suit completely and fell naked. His sexy body left Danny Phantom very embarrassed and gradually approached him. She was willing to fuck him right now, so she got on all fours waiting for him to penetrate her. Although he wasn’t sure at all, he grabbed her butt and began to fuck her in a shy way.

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