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In MomDarker 2 a porn comic of the Dexter’s Lab in which Dexter’s mother is kidnapped and used as a sex slave of the evil Mandark. Dee Dee and her brother were tired of waiting for their mother. I should have been back a while ago, but it doesn’t appear by any lake. The last time they saw her, she was picking up the car bags, but since then it is taking a long time to return.

Dexter and her sister were not very worried about her, but they wanted to eat something. Meanwhile Mandark had Dexter’s mother kidnapped, with whom he was experiencing all kinds of things. Everything seemed to come out according to her evil plans, but everything gets twisted when she leaks from the container in which she was trapped. She was very confused and didn’t know where she was, she had only seen a huge computer screen.

Dexter’s mother thought about sending a help email, so someone would take her out of there. But Mandark appeared through the door, he was going to prevent his slave from escaping. Just asking her to undress, she took off all her clothes and was surprised. The serum that had been experimenting with her was working. Throughout the afternoon, Mandark again fucked Dexter’s mother for the second time. He couldn’t resist that horny milf’s huge ass and he had to lock it up forever.

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