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In this comic Peachy Lips Aarokira we can see how Mario Bros finds a way to get to Princess Peach, Mario Bros wanted to fuck with Princess Peach so he had to hurry before the princess got cold because the princess was very hot and with the wet pussy waiting for Mario Bros to rescue her and fuck her.

Mario Bros began kicking walking mushrooms and crushing turtles until he met Bowser, his most powerful enemy, and told him that he would not let him pass by without defeating 10 mushrooms and 50 turtles before then Mario went to defeat the Mushrooms and turtles so he could fuck with Princess Peach but when he saw Bowser again he told him that he would not let it go if he did not defeat him before in a duel of sabers.

Mario agreed and together they took out their huge cocks and began fighting, hitting themselves with their huge penises until Mario dealt a deadly blow to his neck, which caused Bowser to collapse to the ground after screaming very loudly in pain, the scream Bowser was heard by Princess Peach from her window in the castle where she was locked.

Mario finished with bowser and went to the castle where the princess was and broke the lock and saved the princess, the princess told him that it was still hot and that he took the opportunity to put his huge cock through his small ass so that he could enjoy more The rescue and Mario did so.

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